IBM will diagnose your ills

IBM is packing off its Watson software to the health industry where it is going to be telling people what is wrong with them.

Watson, which understands natural language, will be trying to make sure that doctors do not make the wrong medical diagnosis.

Watson vice-president of marketing Stephen Gold told a digital health conference in Dublin that at the moment one in five medical diagnoses are incomplete or wrong.

It is not really the doctor’s fault, ,edical information is doubling every five years and 81 percent of physicians spend less than five hours a month reading medical journals.

Watson navigates through volumes of speech and big data and can provide doctors with a quick analysis. Apparently Watson is being used by oncologists hope it will help them improve the speed and efficacy of cancer treatments.

According to the Irish Times,  Watson takes patient information and compares it against thousands of studies and journals. It provides a simple breakdown of the things the doctor should take into account.