Financial Times gets bitten by Syrian hack

The Syrian Electronic Army, which is basically the cyber branch of Assad in Syria, has managed to hack the Financial Times.

Pro-Assad hackers have targeted numerous news sites in the past, including parody news site The Onion, with mixed success. On Friday they managed to hack FT’sTwitter account and Tech Blog. We are not sure about the latter, but it might indicate that Assad’s followers aren’t huge Apple fans, unlike their leader. 

The FT said the accounts were seized after a phishing attack targeting company emails. The Syrian Electronic Army used the exact same approach after it hacked The Onion. It also hit the Associated Press, the Beeb, Al Jazeera and The Guardian, reports Ars Technica

The success of the FT and Onion attacks seems to indicate that even big outfits aren’t very good when it comes to phishing attacks, which are one of the oldest tricks in the book.