Suicides continue at Foxconn

Just as it seemed the Foxconn suicide saga was winding down, reports have emerged that three more workers have killed themselves over the past three weeks. 

According to China Labour Watch, the first in the latest series of suicides occurred on 24 April, when a 24-year-old male worker reportedly jumped to his death off a dorm building. Apparently he had been working at Foxconn for just two days.

On 27 April, a 23-year-old female worker jumped off the twelfth floor of her apartment building. The latest suicide came in May, when a 30-year-old worker jumped off a building. He had been working at the factory for just three weeks. 

Foxconn has faced previous criticism over factory safety, working conditions, and living conditions, which were so bad that at one point the company resorted to installing anti-suicide nets on some of its buildings. 

China Labour Watch reports that at least some of the latest suicides may have been the result of relationship problems rather than horrid working conditions.