Water cooled phone hits the world

Smartphone makers are coming up with increasingly gimmicky features and ways to distinguish their Androids from the rest of the pack.

Sony is selling waterproof phones, Samsung is apparently working on an optical zoom camera, while HTC is making great phones that don’t make the company any money. NEC has taken things up a notch, by announcing the world’s first water-cooled smartphone.

The Medias X 06E features a 2012 vintage Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.7GHz. Of course, the chip really doesn’t need water cooling, but we won’t say it gets hot under load, because Qualcomm is sort of sensitive about that. 

So why did NEC bother water-cooling a tiny ARM SoC? It wasn’t for the sake of enthusiasts, oh no, it was actually a way of attracting the ladies. Since smartphones tend to generate quite a bit of heat, adding water cooling to the X 06E was a way of keeping it cool and comfy, reports the Verge.

Women don’t like sweaty palms and that is where the heatpipe comes in. It helps dissipate the heat and keep the snowy white smartphone cool. Of course, it doesn’t eliminate excess heat altogether, it just spreads it along the device a bit more evenly.