Qualcomm doesn’t think much of Oracle

Qualcomm CIO Norm Fjeldheim is in the limelight following statements made about Oracle at the SuiteWorld 2013 conference on Tuesday, claiming NetSuite is a better fit for the company than Oracle. 

Business Insider reports Fjeldheim went on to say that Oracle is practically a dinosaur and that it and SAP should be scared of competitors like NetSuite. Oddly enough, the praise might have not been the best thing for NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, who was also in attendance. 

Nelson used to work for Oracle and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is the majority shareholder of NetSuite. Fjeldheim also sat on Oracle’s board, which makes his comments even more interesting and proves Silicon Valley is a bit like European royalty – everyone is related in one way or another. 

People don’t believe that Oracle is going anywhere soon, as Oracle and SAP are still the backbone of boring big business.