Aaeon EPC-CV1 is an Atom-powered single-board computer

Aaeon’s EPC-CV1 is powered by an Intel Atom N2600 x86 processor, which is somewhat of a rarity when it comes to single-board computers, as most are equipped with RISC-based ARM chips. 


Although the Aaeon EPC-CV1 is primarily designed with point-of-sale systems or other specialized embedded applications in mind, it is also more than appropriate for a low-power minicomputer or related project.

The dual-core Atom processor is clocked at a cool 1.6 GHz. Additional specs? 6 USB ports, HDMI/VGA output, a pair of gigabit Ethernet connectors, 2 GB of RAM and integrated HD graphics – although it should probably be noted that the board is also fitted with an AMD HD7410M GPU.

The board boasts a pair of mini PCIe expansion slots, including one full-size and one half size slot. Since the processor is an x86-based Intel Atom, the board is fully capable of supporting Windows operating systems as well as various Linux flavors.

Unfortunately, price and availability remain unknown for Aaeon’s EPC-CV1, although we will keep you posted with new information about the above-mentioned unit.