Linkedin acts against prostitutes

Professional social network LinkedIn recently announced a series of privacy policy changes, most of which are simplifications of existing policies, but one change isn’t.

It appears that LinkedIn doesn’t want sex workers on its clean professional network. One policy clearly states that it is prohibited to “create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution,” even if it is legal where you live.

LinkedIn’s search suggestions seem to prove that many users are looking for, ahem, companionship.  Searching the site for “escorts” yields the following suggestions: female escorts, independent escorts, call girls, adult entertainment, hot girls and of course Dubai escorts, reports Business Insider.

It is all a bit funny, since the whole point of LinkedIn is to track professional relations between members. It’s not very likely that an exec in his fifties would endorse a prostitute for everyone to see, although we do know some who would. 

In other words, the ban is about as pointless as a Facebook Like button on a porn site.