Sexting banned in West Virginia

The great state of West Virginia has come up with a new law that would drag teenagers to court for sexting each other. 

While it is already illegal for adults to send sexually explicit messages to minors, the new law would crack down on sexy texts shared by minors, reports the Huff Post.

More than 20 US states already have laws designed to “punish” minors who engage in sexting. New Jersey even registers teens who break it as sex offenders. 

The West Virginia law isn’t nearly as insane. It is part of a wider educational programme being created by the state’s Supreme Court. It won’t label teen sexters as sex pests and it will clear the delinquency charge if they get caught. 

16-year-olds in West Virginia can still drive and join the marines. 18-year-olds can vote or buy military style firearms.