Steak and cheese internet dinner traps fraudster

The US’ Internal Revenue Service claims to have caught a pair of serial ID fraudsters by using some simple detective work on an Instagram picture of a steak and cheese dinner.

The IRS was on the hunt for an elusive man who was said to hold thousands of stolen identities, all up for sale. Eventually named as Nathaniel Troy Maye, his downfall was snapping a steak, macaroni and cheese dinner and uploading the photo of the meal to Instagram.

The Sun Sentinal reported that an undercover agent informed the IRS the man only identified himself as Troy. He also knew the man came from Harlem. Meeting again, the undercover tax spook grabbed a flash drive from the couple that held 50,000 identities thought to be used for filing fradulent income tax returns. Looking at the drive, the IRS turned up hidden data linked it to a Troy Maye.

The next break came from discovering a user – cleverly disguised himself with capital letters – called TROYMAYE on Instagram.Taking a look at the photo of the steak, macaroni and cheese meal, it had the caption “Morton’s” and coincided with the January restaurant meeting between the undercover witness and the couple.

Maye also used his own photo on InstaGram, where he was quickly identiffied as the suspect – leading to the arrest of him and his girlfriend, the latter now out on bail. Maye’s profile is set to private, but on it, he says: “Good things will come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle!”