Acer PC sales slump

Acer seems to be getting the worst of the PC slump. Friday the company reported its April sales plunged 18.8 percent from a year ago, Reutersreports.

April sales totalled $876.6 million and the numbers look bad even when compared to the first quarter.Acer shipments fell off a cliff in Q1. Earlier this week the company reported an 11-percent sequential drop in the first quarter, while IDC data shows that its year-on-year shipments fell 31.3 percent. The PC industry declined 13.9 percent, which means Acer underperformed by a wide margin.

Acer President Jim Wong told investors that he expects shipments of notebooks and tablets to remain flat or increase by up to 5 percent in the current quarter. Furthermore, the company claims it is aiming for double-digit growth in the current quarter, but unless it manages to pull a rabbit out of a hat, it could be wrong.

To offset the terrible April plunge, it would have to buck seasonal trends and turn its fortunes around in May and June, which aren’t great months for PC sales.