Lenovo takes aim at smartphone market

PC churner Lenovo is getting serious about the smartphone market, so serious in fact that it is planning to sell 60 million smartphones over the next 12 months.

Lenovo’s smartphone push is practically unnoticeable in the west. Most of its efforts are focused on China and a few other Asian markets. 

In fact, Liu Jun, senior VP of Lenovo, claims the company now sees Samsung and Apple as its biggest competitors. Lenovo is becoming more than a PC maker and it wants to compete with smartphone makers rather than other PC outfits. 

In 2012 Lenovo shipped 23.5 million smartphones and grabbed 11 percent of the Chinese smartphone market. It managed to ship five times as many smartphones as in 2011 and now it is looking to triple last year’s shipments, according to People’s Daily.

Lenovo’s goal is ambitious. It wants to become the biggest smartphone maker in China over the next two years, so Samsung and Apple might have to step up their game in mainland China.

If Lenovo manages to pull it off, it is more than likely that it will try to expand beyond China.