Claim: Vivante GC4000 rated top mobile GPU for floating-point accuracy

Typically, only hard-core geeks care about benchmarks when it comes to the hardware powering tablets and smartphones. And why not?

Recently, Youi Labs benchmarked some of the most common mobile GPU’s in the industry using a variety of benchmarks such as Antutu, Nenamark 2, and others.

However, this particular benchmark series not only utilized the above-mentioned benchmark apps, but also compared image quality. The reference for benchmark quality was a desktop PC equipped with an Nvidia GeForce GT 630M GPU.

The gigantic infographic at the bottom of the story shows the benchmarks and GPUs that Youi Labs analyzed. When all the benchmarking dust settled, one mobile GPU rose to the top when it came to image accuracy – the Vivante GC4000.

The lowest-performing GPUs in the benchmark comparison? The Mali-400 paired with the Exynos 4412 and GeForce ULP in the Tegra 3. Those two GPUs were only able to show five and eight lines in the graphics test, respectively, before degradation occurred. 

It should probably also be noted that the testers also released a free Android application called the Shader Effect Test which allows users to evaluate GPU floating point accuracy for themselves.