LG ponders a return to making tablets

Consumer electronics giant LG is rumored to be going back into the tablet market, which it ditched two years ago.

LG’s original Optimus Pad flopped quite badly. It was practically a soulless also-ran design and it was way too pricey. Since, LG has managed to regain its footing. Its phones are selling quite well, which wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. As tablets are practically just an extension of smartphone operations, it now seems poised to give them another go. 

Korean tech site Munhwa.com reports LG is quite serious about tablets. However, there are still no specs and we don’t even know what sort of platform LG would opt for, although at this point it seems that choosing anything other than Android would be quite daft. There is a chance LG is working on Windows gear, which would go a long way toward diversifying its notebook offering.

For the time being details are too sketchy to come to any solid conclusions.

The Android tablet market is getting too crowded, but then again Windows RT is circling the drain, while Windows 8 tablets have yet to catch on.