Tesla autopilot en route

Tesla’s next generation of electric cars might be getting an autopilot, courtesy of some clever Google tech. 

Tesla founder Elon Musk recently confirmed that he has been in talks with Google about integrating the search giant’s self-driving car technology into next generation cars, reports Forbes.

However, Musk prefers not to use “self-driving” cars to describe the technology. He sees it as an autopilot. Mind you, with prices starting at $70,000, Tesla needs to make its cars as cutting edge as possible. The company now wants to come up with a $30,000 model, packed with space age technology.

Even at $70,000 Tesla’s Model S seems to be doing quite well in the US, but the same can’t be said for Europe. Unlike California’s tree hugging legislature, Europeans aren’t willing to offer generous tax breaks for zero emission cars. Also, Europe is sort of broke at the moment and lawmakers are primarily focused on dodging petrol bombs thrown by austerity protesters.

However, autopilot technology could still be years away. Musk tweeted that autopilot development is important, but it is not a priority for Tesla. He said it is still a few years from production.