How to turn your smartphone into a laptop

I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people these days own some sort of smartphone, whether it is powered by Android or iOS.  While many only use their handset to make calls, stream the occasional video, and check Facebook or e-mail, there are those of use who lean heavily on a smartphone for business and work.

Now when it comes to corporate use, bigger screens would clearly be a very welcome addition. The downside? Most people don’t want to lug around a device with a giant screen.

Enter Casetop, a project that recently turned up on Kickstarter. Essentially, this device turns your smartphone into a notebook on demand. Basically, Casetop can best be described as a large smartphone docking station, complete with a full-size keyboard and a large, touch-enabled display. 

The Kickstarter project is seeking $300,000, with a pledge of $220 reserving a $250 unit for early backers.

The device is designed to work with just about every smartphone out there – if it supports supports video output and Bluetooth. Meaning, Casetop supports the iPhone, BlackBerry 10 devices and an assortment of Android handsets.

Key specs? The screen on the laptop dock measures 11.1-inches with 720p resolution. Power is generated by an internal 56 wHr battery. A full HD resolution option will be added if the initial funding goals are exceeded.