Levitation will revolutionize cellular research

Rainbow Coral Corp (RBCC) and n3D Biosciences have come up with a new cell-growth technique that threatens to revolutionize cellular research, or at least according to their claims.

The technique involves magnetic levitation, developed by n3D. It allows scientists to grow three-dimensional, lifelike microtissues similar to those found in the human body. The samples could then be used for in-vivo drug testing models. 

The technology should lessen the dependence on animal pharma, which is good from a safety standpoint, as it will eliminate some threats of contamination. 

“We strongly believe that n3D’s levitation technology is the future of cellular research,” RBCC CEO Patrick Brown said. He added that magnetic levitation labs are being “eagerly adopted” by labs across the globe. 

RBCC and n3D signed a joint venture agreement to market and develop the technology last year.

The full details appeared in an article published by Nature here.

Viable cell therapies, though, are years away from reaching the market.