Windows RT "dead as a dodo"

Windows RT could be about to go the way of the dodo, at least if pessimistic analysts are to be believed. Redmond’s tablet OS managed to grab a meager 0.4 percent of the tablet market in the first quarter of the year and  IDC estimates a total of 200,000 Windows RT units were shipped in the quarter. 

Needless to say, the numbers are appalling and some analysts believe the OS is already doomed. 

Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates, told Computerworld that Microsoft would be better off just killing RT and going with a unified OS, which basically means Windows 8.

“The need to support ARM [processors] was why Microsoft went with RT. But it never really worked that well,” he said. 

Brian Proffitt, instructor of management at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, believes dropping Windows RT would be a good move, unless shipments miraculously improve. 

Analyst Rob Enderle said RT was supposed to have a competitive edge with Office apps, but Microsoft crippled it by failing to include Outlook.

“Tablets are typically used for consumption and email, and RT was going to be light on games and interesting tablet apps because it was late to market. The one advantage RT should have had — Outlook — Microsoft denied,” he said.

Although Microsoft is expected to launch Outlook for RT next year, it might be too little too late.