LG bags manufacture of next Nexus device

It looks like LG could be the latest device maker Google is contracting for the next flagship Nexus smartphone.

In an interview with the Korea Times, LG CEO Koo Bon-joon said he met up with Google boss Larry Page, where the two “discussed ways to improve their business partnership”.

Although the Korea Times concedes that native LG is lagging behind Samsung in the smartphone stakes, it later mentions that it is currently working with Google to make a Nexus Android smartphone.

LG is also “seeking to expand its partnerships in TVs and future businesses, such as Google Glass”, the paper said.

Although the Nexus 4 was met with a positive reaction, it was plagued with supply problems and delays. If the next Nexus is anywhere as well received as the Nexus 4, LG will want to make sure its production lines are in the clear to meet demand.