Snapdragon brand growth is Qualcomm’s aim

Qualcomm is the leading supplier of mobile SoCs, but it is not content with its low key media image and it apparently wants to grow the Snapdragon brand.

Don’t expect to see any “Snapdragon Inside” stickers on your mobile, Qualcomm is focusing its efforts on TV – planning a Snapdragon branding campaign, complete with TV ads and a commercial for cinemas. 

Chief marketing officer Anand Chandrasekher recently showed off the ad to a crowd of analysts, saying that it will be showing soon at a theatre near you. It will also end up on TV within a few months, reports Reuters.

“We’re trying to build an emotional bond with our customers,” Chandrasekher said. “It’s not our intention to compete with our customers’ or partners’ brands. … Our brand should be accretive to big brands, not dilutive.”

Although Qualcomm won’t compete with its partners, it will compete with the likes of Samsung, Nvidia and to some extent Apple. Chip branding and market development are nothing new in the PC world, but most smartphone makers have stopped short of making a big fuss about the chips they use in their devices. Motorola is the prime example, but with a bit of Qualcomm cash that might be about to change.