Bug messes up Apple iMessaging

Software geniuses at Apple have come up with a super new innovative feature which will make sure that its iMessaging service will be a game changer.

For years now Apple fans have worried about the last word on their iMessages. The last word is always problematic because it often gives complete context to the message, something that is apparently a problem.

Now the clever people at Apple have taken that worry out of users hands by deleting the last word on some messages. Not every last word of course, just in a random way which makes it difficult to discover under what circumstances the fault will operate.

Some have rushed to praise the new feature, confirming that dropping the last word is exactly the sort of thing that Microsoft will be copying in few years.

Legions of Apple fanboys have been writing to education authorities demanding that the last word be dropped from each English sentence.

“Steve Jobs got rid of flash from our computers, and now Tim Cook is getting rid of the last word from,” one fan said, speaking with TechEye. “After all, we never needed the last word in any. Steve Jobs is always. Tim Cook not.”

The bug appears to render the final word of certain messages sent from an iPhone or Mac invisible to both sender and recipient. Two phrases are the most affected.

If you attempt to send “I could be the next Obama” followed by a trailing space, Obama’s name will be hidden from the received message.

When you hit the “send” button the final word vanishes and is replaced with blank space. Other phrases also have the bug and apparently Apple fans are having fun trying to find them. “The best prize is a surprise” seems to be another phrase that triggers fault.

The problem first appeared in December on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, with later posts concluding that the visual bug only affects the iPhone.