Sim City creates a terrible smelly mess

EA Games really can’t get its act together over the latest version of Sim City.

Not only was the game launch marred by EA sticking in DRM which required an online verification process that crashed its servers, now it seems the company has released a patch which fills player’s cities with poo.

A Reddit user pointed out the problem is a bug which creates a “sewage OVERLOAD” for no reason. One town with a relatively tiny population of 4,000 saw their outflow pipe “MAXED” and terminally incontinent Sims had already had 55 rushed to Sim hospitals.

Some SimCity players have found themselves stuck on loading screens when attempting to resume cities created before the patch. Others have discovered that buildings wouldn’t complete construction and are stuck as perpetual building sites.

Other quaint features of the patch include plagues of bright yellow taxi cabs for no apparent reason. There is strange talk of trees that honk and purr like trams.

It looks like EA has actually managed to achieve a perfect storm of the absurd for what should have been one of its most popular games.