Tablet market undergoes a turn around

Sales of oversized smartphones and tablets are strong, and according to Transparency Market Research, the trend is set to continue over the next five years. 

The outfit’s latest report found that superphone and phablet sales will reach 825 million units by 2018. They will generate $116.4 billion for manufacturers who decide to jump onto the phablet bandwagon. Asian markets are expected to see the fastest growth rates over the next five years, TalkAndroid reports.

The vast majority of phablet devices run on Android and Transparency Market Research believes Google’s OS will continue to dominate the market over the next five years. However, the share of Windows based devices is also set to increase, thanks to upcoming phablets from Nokia, HTC, ZTE and Sony.

Apple is nowhere on the list as it doesn’t produce large phones, at least not yet. However, if phablets prove to be more than a fad, Cupertino will probably be forced to respond.