Video: Android-powered GameStick dev kit gets unboxed

PlayJam’s Android-powered GameStick turned up on Kickstarter earlier this year, seeking money from the masses. 

As you may recall, shipping of the device was initially delayed due to a redesign of the controller. However, the very first dev kits shipped this week, prompting PlayJam to offer up a video of its unboxing.

As expected, the GameStick is quite small and looks like a fat flash drive or Android-powered PC on a stick. Meanwhile, the controller is larger and features a little slot to hold the GameStick when not in use.

It’s probably worth noting that the dev kit seen in the video is actually an early build of the hardware, meaning the final product will differ in appearance. However, the developer kits are definitely functional. Specifically, the developer kit includes a GameStick with a full-sized USB port, making it larger than the version that will ship to customers. Presumably, the standard version will be fitted with a micro-USB port instead.

In addition, the developer kit controller features all the buttons a gamer could want, including shoulder buttons, d-pad, four butons, and more. The game console also offers up a user interface that has been customized specifically to work on a TV screen. Meaning,  the interface looks more like something you would see on a game console than a typical Android device. And last, but certainly not least, the dev kits are packaged with an app installer, making it easier for developers to load required APKs onto the GameStick for testing.