Syrian tweet crashes stock exchange

Hacker fanboys of the Syrian strongman Bashar Hafez al-Assad managed to cause more damage to the US stock exchange than sticking a bomb in a pressure cooker.

Sounding like a 1980s New Romantic band, the Syrian Electronic Army managed to crash Wall Street by hacking into AP and posting a tweet which claimed that President Barak Obama had been injured after two explosions in the White House.

The hack caused “pure chaos” on the US stock exchange, briefly wiping out $136.5 billion and leaving AP’s Twitter feeds suspended.

The Syrian Electronic Army professes to be involved in arming Syrian Arabs with “science and knowledge” against campaigns from Arab and Western media to broadcast fabricated news about what is happening in Syria.

In fact the group, which appears to have ties with Anonymous, spends a lot of its time attacking sites which do not say that Assad and his Apple loving wife, are very nice people, who love their subjects.

But the fact that the Tweet could do such damage to the US stockmarkets with such a low level hack, shows the power that the cyber war group has. Also the ability of the US stockmarket to react without engaging a brain.

Apparently the share market is back to normal after losing 145 points. Other markets immediately followed suit, with the oil price falling and the US dollar weakening against the Japanese yen. Traders responded by pushing up the price of gold by $5 an ounce until someone thought to turn the TV on.