LulzSec man arrested

Australian cops,  along with troopers, have fingered the collar of the cobber they believe was the top dingo in the International hacker outfit LulzSec.

The unnamed 24-year-old, known online as Aush0k, resides in Point Clare on the Central Coast and works as a IT security professional. Hacks in Oz  have worked out that the guy’s real name is Matthew Flannery and he is a low-level support consultant at Content Security.

Flannery claimed that he was the ‘leader’ of hacker movement LulzSec and now faces three counts of unauthorised access to a computer system. They seem to be ignoring the allegation of possession of a jolly jumbuck in his tucker bag for now.

He took advantage of a known exploit to access the website, then put a back door in to gain further access.

Flannery was alleged to have also defaced the site by posting an image and ‘altered’ the internal structure of the site.

The police said that Flannery was an IT professional and held a “position of trust” within his unnamed company, with access to “sensitive information from clients including government agencies”. He had the potential to access data stored on the affected website but it did not appear he had done so.

They claimed that his knowledge and skills presented “a significant risk to the clients of the company for which he was employed had he continued his illegal online activities”.

Flannery’s boss said that this was rubbish. 

He has been bailed to appear May 15 at Woy Woy local court and must report to police three times a week.