Chinese government behind cyber espionage

According to a Verizon RISK report, hackers affiliated with the Chinese government accounted for some of the most brazen and successful cyber espionage plots last year.

The report found that China dominates the category of state affiliated cyber espionage outfits. However, the days of stealing nuclear secrets are long gone – they are focusing their efforts on intellectual property. Chinese hackers targeted transportation, manufacturing and professional services companies of all sizes, the report found.

The report detailed 120 attacks and found that 96 of them originated in China, according to the Washington Post.  The source of the other four percent remains unidentified. 

“This is a pretty shocking statistic,” said Wade Baker, the managing principal for the RISK Team, which provides security consulting. “We don’t think there was a super spike in that kind of [cyber-espionage] activity. It’s more about our ability to find them.”

China routinely denies that it has anything to do with cyber attacks, Chinese officials did not comment on Verizon’s findings.