Intel in All-in-One PC push

Intel is reportedly pushing a new all-in-one PC concept in an effort to boost sales and finally make AIOs mainstream. 

So what’s new about Intel’s adaptive all-in-ones? According to Digitimes they feature an integrated battery, so users will be able to carry them around from one room to another. They also sport touch panels, which are still pretty uncommon in the AIO world. Intel’s suggested screen size for adaptive AIOs is between 18.4 and 27 inches, which doesn’t tell us much since it covers practically every desktop size out there. 

One rather odd feature outlined by Intel is a flat industrial design, which should allow the new adaptive AIOs to lay completely flat on a desk. This feature probably explains the decision to integrate a battery and it could lead to new uses for the ancient desktop, which hasn’t evolved much in years. 

Intel also suggests the use of magnesium-aluminium alloy for the chassis, which points to robust designs that won’t come apart if users really choose to carry them around the office. However, it also means that the new crop of AIOs will probably end up quite pricey. PMMA touch panels and lithium polymer batteries are also on Intel’s wish list and they don’t come cheap either. By the end of the year the reference spec will be changed to include higher resolution displays. 

Under the bonnet, Intel is pushing thin Mini-ITX motherboards and some vendors such as ASRock, Gigabyte and ECS already have some designs ready to go. Using an off the shelf form factor should speed up development and cut costs.