A Facebook fan is worth $174

Ever thought you were worthless? Well, you’re not if you’re a fan of a Facebook brand. You’re worth 28 percent more than you were in 2010.

That’s according to a study conducted by Syncapse and Hotspex.  It too the top 20 global consumer names and measured their performance.

In 2010, according to the survey, brand pages only had a few million fans. But now in 2013 top brands have over 15 million Facebook fans – McDonalds and Coca Cola have 25 million and 60 million apiece.

The study contrasted Facebook fans and non-fans in terms of product spending, brand loyality, media value and brand affinity. The report claims that 20 percent of a brand’s customers represent 80 percent of revenues. The data was collected from over 2,000 panelists in the US in January and early February.

Here’s more statistics – two thirds of brand fans are fans over 10 brand pages, while three quarters of them will share their experiences, promotions and discounts with their Facebook friends.

So you’re worth it to the multinationals.