Facebook claims politician’s scalp

It looks like those morons who add you to Facebook groups without your permission have managed to claim a high-profile scalp.

Canadian politician Gerry Rogers was added to a group which called for the death of the Premier Kathy Dunderdale.  

According to CBC, Rogers’ “membership” of the group was called out by a rival politician Darin King who demanded she apologise for comments others made on the group.

When Rogers refused, on the basis that she had not made any comments, she was kicked out of the house of assembly.

Rogers’ removal came after speaker Ross Wiseman dealt with death threats against Premier Kathy Dunderdale.

Rogers pointed out that clearly the government did not understand how Facebook groups work. She was added to this group without her knowledge, without permission, and by somebody that she did not know.

Dunderdale said her government did know how Facebook groups work, but it was up to politicians to monitor the comments posted on Facebook groups to which they belong. Otherwise they are responsible for everything other people say.

Rogers added that she is opposed to any kind of violence or threats, but she also said she was “appalled” that the house of assembly had been suspended over the matter.

Meanwhile Dunderdale said that coppers are investigating the Facebook threats against her, because it is so damn important what people say on Facebook.