Microsoft out of touch with Touch

It is starting to look like Microsoft might have realised that the reason people are not moving to Windows 8 is because of its idiotic interface.

When Microsoft brought out Windows 8, it assumed that in the middle of a recession, people would splash out on an expensive touch screen. To make sure they adopted this, Microsoft deleted the classic start screen and made users search through mobile tiles.

But it seems that Microsoft did not realise that users would “just say no” and Windows 8 is not selling well at all.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley said that Windows Blue, also known as Windows 8.1, may be backtracking on some of these stupid decisions.

According to her deep throats in the Redmond’s Vole Hill, the update may restore the Start button to the Windows desktop, as well as give users the ability to bypass the Start screen entirely at boot.

At the moment Microsoft is still not sure about bringing in the changes, but the company is at least considering it.

But if Microsoft kills both the Start button and the boot-to-desktop option are disabled by default in the next major Windows update, it will make absolute sense.

Businesses afraid of retraining costs or user backlash are more likely to buy Windows 8 with a Windows 7 interface. The fact that most people think that you need a touch screen to use Windows 8 is also another barrier for sales.

Windows Blue is due later this year, with a public preview expected in or around June.