Storage to soar from Big Data surge

Storage revenues will soar to $6 billion in 2016 because of the inexorable rise of big data.

That’s the conclusion drawn by IDC in a survey. The figure of $6 billion contrasts with revenues of only$379.9 million in 2016 and the growth will be generated by capacity optimized systems including dense enclosures.

IDC surveyed a number of top enterprises, with 68.6 percent saying performance is the primary driver when they were choosing storage architecture. And 59 percent of people believe cost is a primary driver.

Only 31 percent of the companies surveyed said they had no deployment of enterprise storage systems for data analytics.

But while “Big Data” is the buzz word of the day, it’s clear that businesses are unsure what data to analyze and how to use such results to benefit the bottom line.

Of the respondents 53.3 percent would use analysis of transactional data from sales or point-of-sales systems.