Dell stands by Windows RT

Although Windows RT is starting to look like a massive flop, Dell doesn’t appear to be ready to jump ship just yet. The company is still working on future generations of Windows RT gear, namely its XPS 10 tablet.

Dell vice president Neil Hand told PC World that the upcoming tablets will be lighter and faster, but other than that he did not provide any details and it is still unclear when the second generation of Dell Windows RT gear could appear. 

However, Hand admitted that the adoption of Windows RT is not going smoothly, although he still believes it has a fighting chance. 

“It’s turned slower than we were hoping at this point in time,” Hand told PC World.

Hand pointed out that there are already more than 50,000 apps for Windows RT and Windows 8, and that the number is still growing. He also argued that XPS 10 users love their toys. 

However, Dell’s support might not be enough to save Windows RT in the long run. Redmond’s tablet-centric OS is still too pricey and too bloated to be competitive. Windows RT tablets sell for $449 to $499, despite the fact that they can’t match the iPad or high-end Android tablets in terms of specs. Although the Windows app ecosystem is growing, it is still dwarfed by iOS and Android.

Hand also said that Dell is closely watching the response to HP’s upcoming Slate 7, which is a cheap and cheerful Android tablet priced at just $169. However, Hand did not say whether Dell would try its luck in the sub-$200 tablet market.