UDOO is like a Raspberry Pi-Arduino mashup

An interesting new project has turned up on Kickstarter that DIY electronic enthusiasts will undoubtedly love.

Dubbed UDOO, the device is essentially a single-board Linux computer system that can best be described as a mashup of a Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Meaning, the small board is Arduino-compatible, with a faster chip than the Raspberry Pi, allowing users to create more processor demanding projects. The board boasts a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 processor, along with 1 GB of RAM and a microSD card slot for storage. Additional specs include an integrated Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, a pair of mini USB ports, and a pair of full-size USB ports, along with connectors for audio and a microphone.

Another connectivity option offered on the small board is an HDMI connector. The Arduino compatibility is thanks to a SAM3X8E ARM Coretex-M3 chip, which is the same chip used in the Arduino Due, meaning that it supports any Due-compatible shields.

The folks behind the project plan to produce two different versions of the UDOO. One version is equipped with a dual-core processor and a $109 price tag. Another version will use a quad-core processor and sell for $129. Backers that pledge money via Kickstarter will be receive the dual-core iteration for $99 and the quad-core for $119.

The manufacturer hopes to begin shipping the boards by September of this year – if the Kickstarter goals are met.