LG displays go all bendy

LG Display is apparently gearing up to ship its first flexible displays later this year. 

The company has already outpaced Samsung in the OLED and 4K space, and now it seems bent on doing the same with bendy panels. Both Samsung and LG have already showcased flexible displays in recent months, but it appears LG will ship them first. 

According to the Korea Times, LG is widening its lead over rivals such as Samsung. It shipped 218 million LCDs over 9.1 inches last year, while Samsung Display shipped 163 million units. Chimei Innolux and AU Optronics came in third and second. 

LG Display’s IPS LCDs are used by a number of global tech brands, including Chinese smartphone makers who are going from strength to strength. The company has stepped up its R&D spending and it is pushing a number of new technologies, such as W-RGB OLED TV panels and IGZO TFT backpanels. It is also betting big on UHD, or 4K panels. 

Flexible displays for phones and tablets are just one cog in the LG juggernaut. LG Display wants to outpace Samsung in all display technologies and so far it seems the approach is working.