Office for iOS, Android delayed

Microsoft has apparently been forced to delay the rollout of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android by almost a year.

Punters were expecting to see Office on iPads later this year, but if a leaked roadmap is to be believed, it will launch in late 2014 instead.

Although this is bad news for Android and iOS users, it might not be so bad for Microsoft. Office on iOS and Android sounds like yet another nail in the coffin for Windows tablets. But there is some bad news on the Windows front, too.

Outlook for Windows RT has also been delayed. Windows RT already has Office and it is its main selling point. Well, to be quite honest it is its only selling point. However, it still does not have Outlook, which is a must in many corporate environments. 

The roadmap, as seen by ZDnet, seems to indicate Microsoft will refresh Office RT in April 2014. However, it appears the update does not include Outlook. For some reason Outlook RT will appear in October 2014, by which time Windows RT will probably be a footnote in tablet history. 

As for Office for iOS and Android, it should also appear in October, as part of the Gemini Wave 2.0 update.