Foxconn accused of firing suicidal workers

Foxconn has reportedly come up with a cunning plan to reduce the number of suicides in its dormitories in mainland China. Rather than improving working conditions, the company seems to be firing workers with suicidal tendencies. 

According to Chinese media, a 27-year-old worker named Zhang was fired after he was seen taking some sleeping pills. The worker took the pills on a regular basis, to combat insomnia. 

“They’re not so effective, so I took four before going to bed,” Zhang said.

However, a coworker though he was trying to commit suicide, so he reported him. The company responded by firing the pill popping worker, who will at least have time to get some sleep now.

As usual, Foxconn is not commenting on the sacking, but it does not appear to have been an isolated case. A few days ago Sina Weibo reported that more Foxconn staff were threatening to kill themselves, but the report was denied by the company.