Mini MicroSD Reader adds external storage to your Android device

External storage options (or lack thereof) is often a critical factor in choosing a new Android smartphone.

Then again, for many of us, no amount of internal smartphone storage is sufficient. As such, we turn to microSD cards to expand our storage capability – no matter how much internal storage a particular device offers.

The problem? A number of Android devices on the market lack a memory card slot. Fortunately, a new device has turned up on Kickstarter that is specifically designed to bring memory cards expansion to Android devices that originally lack this critical capability from the factory.

Enter the Mini MicroSD Reader, which works with most Android smartphones and tablets on the market today. Essentially, it’s a very small memory card reader designed to handle memory cards up to 64 GB in capacity. The device plugs directly into the micro USB port on a phone or tablet. While the device should support most Android devices on the market, it won’t support all Android gadgets out there.

One notable phone that doesn’t work with the card reader is the Google Nexus 4. However, the card reader is said to work just fine with the latest handsets from Samsung, Motorola, and HTC. The memory card reader also works with the Amazon Kindle Fire, if you’re using a custom ROM.

The project is seeking $5,000 to come to market and has thus far raised over $17,000 with 26 days and a July ship date. Interested? You’ll need pledge at least $12 to get your own card reader shipped anywhere in the world.