Kissinger Cables get put online

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks is publicly dumping just under two million diplomatic cables – dubbed the Kissinger cables – from the mid 1970s.

Wikileaks has put together a search function on its website so users can comb for keywords in these Kissinger files as well as the ‘Cablegate’ files, which were largely from the mid-2000s.

Called PlusD, or the Public Library of US Diplomacy, it’s possible to search through the 1,707,500 diplomatic ‘Kissinger Cables’ from 1973 to 1976 and the 251,287 ‘Cablegate’ cables.

There are already some interesting allegations surfacing, including that former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi was involved in an arms deal, the BBC reports. 

Another cable talks of one diplomat’s first impressions of Margaret Thatcher, claiming that she is a “genuine voice of a beleaguered bourgeoise [sic], anxious about its eroding economic power and determined to arrest society’s seemingly inexorable trend towards collectivism”.

Wikileaks figurehead Julian Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK, which he is unable to leave due to threat of arrest. He is facing sex offence allegations in Sweden, which he denies.

The searchable documents are available here.  Some are still censored and classified, but Wikileaks says the metadata or the existence of the files may assist in filing Freedom of Information requests.