There’s still a future for photovoltaic installs

Pessimistic forecasts for photovoltaic energy are overly negative, according to a survey.

IHS said that despite these forecasts, PV installations will continue to grow at a double number rate and that will represent more than 35 gigawatts this year.

Ash Sharma, senior director of solar research at IHS, said: “Our analysis of more than 80 countries round the world shows that demand outside of Europe will more than compensate for the fall in the continent (Europe) and installations will hit 35GW this year.”

Demand in Asia is particularly strong, IHS said, although installations in China will be disappointing. Europe looks to be flat for PV installations, particularly in mature markets like Gerany.  However, IHS is predicting growth rates of 250 percent, 50 percent and 65 percent for the Middle East and Africa regions, for the Americas, and for Asia respectively.

China disappoints because of a number of factors holding it back including the matter of FIT payments, but antidumping measures imposed on it by the European Union means that domestic installations in China could well grow.