Thieves steal electronic wazzeria

As public lavatories – wazzeria – have become hi-tech, it appears that they have become a target for criminals to point at.

Japan’s cops are hoping to flush out a group which has been on a roll stealing hi-tech toilets. Although the expensive loos have all the electronic gadgets on board, they do not have anything inside which allows them to raise the lid on the thefts.

In the latest case, a man living in the town of Fukuchiyamashi, Kyoto, called the police after he discovered that the light of a nearby parking lot had been vandalised with white spray paint. It was only when the cops arrived on the scene that they discovered the toilet had been stolen from a nearby park.

The thieves took the entire multi-function toilet, complete with its accompanying hand rails from the public restroom. Further investigations showed that the special washlet-style toilet seat and lid from another toilet were also missing. These don’t come cheap and the estimations are that the thieves had gotten away with over $3000 worth of gear. We guess this is bad for the local council’s bottom line as they are already having to paper the cracks during the recession.

Sankei News West said that it was rare that thieves take a whole loo, normally they are content to stuff it full of paper or write their names on the walls. But it is clear that those who nicked the loo wanted to pass it on.

It is not clear why anyone would poo-poo the idea that there is a movement against high-tech public loos, or a rage against the latrine,  but it is certain that at the moment the police have nothing to go on.