Museum re-lives Microsoft’s past

Two Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen have got together to re-create an iconic snap from the early days of the computer.

More than 32 years ago, a freshly scrubbed Bill Gates and a very hairy Allen were photographed looking slightly geeky in a sea of computers.

The snap was taken to illustrate the risk of the young geek in an industry which had been dominated by the mainframe and the suited guy from IBM.

While the computers in the picture have remained the same,  the men have just older.  This is no mean feat in the case of Allen who has fought off cancer.

However the picture also has another mean feat in that they have managed to gather together all the same PCs of yesteryear and put them in the same place.

That was possible because the new photograph was taken at, which is the Living Computer Museum (LCM) in Seattle, a museum founded by Allen.

The LCM is dedicated to not only displaying old hardware, and not normally the old software makers.

The only version of the new image that has been shared so far is through Allen’s Twitter . It doesn’t compare to the quality of the original and is smaller. We guess a bigger and better one will go on display at the museum.

It is also amazing that Gates and Allen found time to be in the same room together.  Gates is saving the world from the mosquito and is currently offering is offering $100,000 grants for people to come up with a better  condom.  Allen is trying to put people into space.