Apple in row over censorship again

Just after Apple CEO Tim Cook apologised to China for selling customers short on their warranties, it has emerged that Cupertino has had to remove books banned by the country’s government from the iTunes store.

The Financial Times said there were ten works on iTunes the Chinese government found controversial, three of which were by Chinese writer Wang Lixiong. Hao Peiqiang, an app developer, spilled the beans.

Wang’s books are largely banned in China for the author’s political activism.

One banned book, Bloomberg noted, was about China’s future role in Tibet. Another one talks about being detained for political activism and the third of Wang’s books outlines the collapse of China’s government.

Dissident talk about Tibet faces suppression from China’s ruling CCP.

The books are still available in other territories. At the moment Apple is keeping shtum. 

Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook conceded that the company has “much to learn about operating and communicating in China”.