Samsung and Best Buy host mini-stores

Samsung is planning to set up mini stores in Best Buys across the United States later this year. Samsung said it would open 1,400 stores by the end of June, and now that Apple has failed to trademark the word “mini,” we can actually call them “mini stores” without being dragged to court. 

Each store will be entirely dedicated to shifting Samsung gear, including phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, televisions and accessories, reports The New York Times. However, if they will carry just about every gadget Samsung makes, we really don’t understand what’s so “mini” about them. 

Apple, of course, uses a somewhat different approach. It currently operates more than 400 brick and mortar retail stores on every continent except Antarctica. However, Apple also has mini-store arrangements with Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

Samsung opened its own retail store in Vancouver last year, but it remains unclear whether it will further pursue such an approach. By the looks of it, Samsung’s “mini stores” could be quite a bit bigger and display more products than Apple’s stores. 

The fact that Samsung rolls out a new Galaxy phone every week or so should make it rather easy to fill the shelves with a wide range of different products.