Nvidia "bitter" about the PS4

AMD claims that Nvidia’s attacks on the Sony’s PS4 are just sour grapes because it did not get the graphics chip contract.

Nvidia’s Tony Tamasi dubbed the new Playstation’s specs as “a low-end CPU, and a low- to mid-range GPU” when compared to gaming PCs. He claimed that the console’s guts were outdated even before the PS4 launches.

AMD’s director of ISV relations Neal Robison said that Nvidia is a little bitter about not getting the contract.

Robison told Gaming Bolt that looking at AMD’s APU it is more than the sum of its parts.

He said that it was impossible, as Nvidia tried to do, to pull out individual components off it and hold it up and say, ‘Yeah, this compares to X or Y’.

Robison said that it was the integration of the two, and especially with the amount of shared memory that Sony has chosen to put on that machine.

He said that users can do so much more moving and sharing that data which is more than just a CPU doing all these calculations and a GPU doing more.

Robison said that the technology was all about how AMD moves tasks between the two.

Developers can push the console’s capabilities beyond the traditional x86 PC architecture, and take advantage of all eight cores. This is going “to become a huge deal for a lot of the big blockbuster games”.