Apple iPhones are easy to hack

For years, Mac lovers could smugly poke fun at Windows users and their disease ridden PCs. Apple was much safer they claimed, and they were right. However, Apple gear wasn’t safer because it was designed to be safer, it just wasn’t as popular and hackers couldn’t be bothered coming up with exploits for a platform used by a handful of enthusiasts.

After Apple regained its footing, it soon drew the attention of nefarious characters. Apple’s iOS boom was closely followed by hackers and as a result the iPhone is now the most hackable mobile device by far.

According to web security outfit Sourcefire, the iPhone is plagued by 210 Critical Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), reports ZDNet. In contrast, Google’sAndroid has just 24, while Windows Phone and Blackberry have 15 and 11 respectively. Coincidentally that is also the number of Windows Phone and Blackberry exclusive apps.

The report found that the vast popularity of iOS devices has a lot to do with the abysmal results.

Researchers also noted that Android received fewer CVEs in 2012 than it did in 2011, despite the fact that its market share is growing faster than the Greek deficit.