North Korea cans 3G access

Just a month ago, North Korea started offering 3G internet to the few adventurists who chose to visit the hermit kingdom.

It did not take long for people to start posting Instagram images of the reclusive workers’ paradise and now it seems the party is over. Visitors could buy a SIM card from Koryoling, the state run telco, and easily get internet access in a country that really isn’t a fan of pluralism.

Sadly though, it did not take long for authorities to change their mind, either, and the scheme is done for. It is still unclear why the Juche gang decided to pull the plug, but then again it was equally surprising to see mobile internet offered in the DPRK to begin with.

Perhaps authorities were concerned by the content posted online, fearing that sooner or later someone might post a few Instagram pictures of North Korea’s notorious concentration camps, which make Soviet era Gulags look like an all-inclusive hotel with a nice view of the Mediterranean.

However, it seems long-term visitors can still find a way to access the network and SIM cards can still be purchased at Pyongyang airport and some retail stores for about $70, North Korea Tech reports.