The late Steve Jobs becomes a manga hero

The former messiah of Apple, Steve Jobs, has been resurrected as a manga hero in Japan.

The first installment of the manga series known as “Steve Jobs” is now on Japanese newsstands in the April issue of a monthly publication called Kiss.

Apparently Jobs is not going to be a badly drawn boy, the comic has been created by award-winning manga author Mari Yamazaki. Tragically we will not be seeing Jobs saving Tokyo from a marauding Chipzilla or Behemoth Ballmer. The comic appears to be based on the manga version of Walter Isaacson’s authorised biography of Jobs.

So in other words it will be filled with the slightly less credible stories about how Jobs declared thermo-nuclear war on the evil Koreans and saved the world by inventing the rounded rectangle.

The first chapter is available on the Web thanks to Yahoo Japan’s online bookstore and shows Jobs talking to Isaacson about writing the biography so it starts on a cliff hanger. 

Although Jobs has been in a comic book before, it is the first time he has been seen in manga.

According to CNET, the serialised comic book will appear each month in Kiss. Goodness knows what will happen if it is so popular that it has to extend beyond Isaacson’s book. It could then be called “iJobs, beyond the reality distortion field”.