Windows 8 under attack from open software advocates

Software giant Microsoft is under attack again – this time by a Spanish group of open source users who have bitterly complained about the Redmond company to the European Commission.

According to Reuters, Hispalinux – a group that has around eight thousand members in Spain, have complained that Microsoft has made it tricky for people with Windows 8 on their PCs to move to Linux, or, for that matter, other operating systems.

A Spanish lawyer said that Windows 8 deliberately prevented people from moving from that OS to other operating systems. For people to move, people needed keys exclusively from Microsoft.

He told Reuters that the evidence was overwhelming that it represented an anticompetition move, with Microsoft using a supposed industry standard called UEFI Secure Boot to prevent a move to any other operating system.

The EC is monitoring Windows 8 security requirements already, it has emerged. Europe has already had quite a lot of money from Microsoft coffers for antitrust activities.

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