Emulate DOS on the Raspberry Pi

Not everyone will remember DOS – the operating system that dominated the world of the PC until Windows 95 came along.

But users of the Rasperry Pi can now emulate DOS, according to Slashdot.  DOS is associated with Microsoft, but there were also versions from IBM and from Digital Research too. Using a command line information (CLI), everything was far from easy and it went through many versions until it was finally decked by Microsoft and Windows borged elements of the DEC OS.

According to Slashdot, the emulator mimics an Intel 80486 microprocessor, has protected mode features, but lacks virtual memory support. It runs at a speed equivalent to a 20MHz 486 – and at the time the 486 was launched, even that was a wee bit on the slow side.

Other features of the emulator, details of which are here, are it will support SVGA graphics, Soundblaster 2.0, and can play such classics as Duke Nukem and Doom, and presumably also the classic Vegas claim – Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizard.