Report: Google wants in on smartwatch race

Rumors and speculation over an impending smartwatch race amongst industry heavyweights have been increasing in recent months.

Initial rumors pointed to an Apple-branded device dubbed the iWatch, while rival Samsung has officially confirmed it is indeed prepping a smartwatch. 

And now rumors are making the obligatory rounds that Google is working on its own smartwatch. The story stems from an unnamed source from the publication Financial Times. According to the source, the Google smartwatch isn’t a product of the X Labs, which birthed the slick wearable Google Glass glasses, but rather, originates from the Android division.

The source didn’t claim to have any direct information to confirm when the watch would be coming to the market. Personally, I can see an interesting tie-in between something like Google Glass and a Google smartwatch. After all, if you’re already wearing Google Glass and need some sort of controller for input, a watch on the wrist would be the perfect place to interact with a wearable display.

This rumor is certainly thin at this point with no details on watch hardware or any other details for that matter. All we have is this lone source claiming that Google is working on such a device. Then again, I don’t find it  particularly hard to believe that Google might be working on a its own iteration of an Android-powered smartwatch, so we will definitely keep an ear out for more details on this device.